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One of the greatest things to receive is free stuff. It’s almost become a pass time for people to collect and want free things every day. If you go to the market you can more than likely find freebies every where, you just have to look.

There are basically a few key reasons that merchants and businesses give away merchandise at no cost. The first being to provide you some sort of value. This is done typically to give you something that is perceived by you to carry some significance. This assists you in seeing that the vendor or merchant is excercising free will by giving before receiving.

There are many ways that a person can get free stuff especially now a days using the internet. A quick search on the web will yield you a whole bunch of free sites that provide everything from coupons for dinner, to movie tickets and free downloads, to free car test drives. Really you will be hard pressed to not find some type of merchandise at no cost.

Another reason that merchants give way things at no cost is a way to get the word out about their products and services. Giving away free stuff is a great way to promote a higher end product on the back end. For instance, lets say you are looking for a car and the dealer down the road is giving away a free 7 day vacation for four to anyone who buys a car in the current month. This is done to entice you to buy. It works very well and has been used successfully for many years in marketing.

How to get free stuff online without a credit card – get free samples online no purchases needed

Due to recent recession and lifestyle changes, several people can not afford to buy higher priced products and other stuff. For those people, internet is a great place to save their money and get free stuff without any investment. Internet is a huge place where one can easily get any kind of stuff without any charge if he/she knows where to find it properly. There are several websites which offer great discounts and free samples as a part of product promotion. Read further to find the best places to get free stuff online.

1) The first place to find free stuff online is the search engine itself. One can easily find free samples of well known products by searching them on the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Go through the top listings of websites and you will find plethora of choices to select. But one must be careful while searching these websites as some of these offers can ask for credit card information and can also demand shipping and handling charges. Avoid these kinds of offers and go for those offers which ask just basic information like name and email address.

2) Another great source is to search on popular shopping stores like and These websites provide free samples of reputed products once per week. Go to “In Stores Now” link on and you will find “Free Samples” section where one can get free samples by just filling out name and address details.

3) is yet another freebie website where one can find variety of great free products and free samples. Just register yourself on that site and get benefit of free samples by just browsing through current hot offers. is also a similar freebie website where one can find great deals and free sample products without any out of pocket expense.

4) One of the biggest and greatest ways to get stuff for free is coupons. There is no shortage of coupon sites online and you can literally find everything from restaurants to oil changes to baby sitting. is a freebie site full of great free samples, freebies, coupons, and discount deals.

5) is a place where any business professional can obtain free online subscription for reputed business magazines. There are no credit card charges and no any hidden charges for this subscription. There are varieties of free health sample kits available at websites like, and

6) Another place to get free stuff online is to search for free samples on websites like and These are the websites where reputed third party companies place their free product offers for visitors. One must fill out the form provided by that company in order to register a free product query. Only thing you need to be careful is to avoid filling out your contact number as many companies use this contact number to send promotional messages.

In order to get stuff for free a little researching online is a fun and easy way to find what you are looking for. No matter what it may be the possibilities of finding it online is great.

To do the research determining the keywords can be key. You can do variations of the merchandise you are looking to acquire. For instance if you are looking to get dinner for two at your favorite restaurant, type in the (name of the restaurant + free coupon) and you will yield some results. You can do this with virtually any product or service you are looking for online.

With the internet is easier than ever to get tons of free stuff each day, you just have to the searching. Good luck!

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  5. Very good post .You are right there are many ways of getting stuff for free.I have turned freebie hunting into a very profitable sideline myself.Most people are not even aware of the opportunities out there to obtain highly sought after goods for little or nothing,especially thro affiliate (referral) marketing.None of this is rocket science.Its plain and simply the most popular and cost effective form of marketing used these days.Every week thousands of people ARE receiving expensive gifts completely free.I am one of those people and in the last ten days alone i have received a 320GB PS3 and the newly launched White ipod Touch from referral websites.

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